Case Study - Shipping Containers

Container De-stuffing

The world annually imports and exports millions of ISO shipping containers. The majority of these contain palletised product but an increasing amount contains loose loads that require loading and de-stuffing.
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This can become a disruptive yet necessary activity that most warehouses and storage facilities encounter on a regular basis.
With an increased focus towards international sourcing and import of freight, container deliveries are increasing in frequency across most businesses. The role of the supplier is to maximise available space in the container, which can cause difficulty for the receiver, with heavy block stacked and mixed freight arriving.

Containers are often stuffed and stripped at distribution centres and recipients' premises in the wholesale and retail sector. In general, working conditions are far from ideal for employees who have to stoop to lift and stack heavy boxes in containers, or lift loads for extended periods – frequently above head height.

To prevent or limit physical overexertion caused by lifting, Mobot can be manoeuvred into containers to load or stuff containers.

Palletless Handling

Increasing numbers of companies are moving to palletless handling due to the high costs associated with wooden pallets. According to the Timber Packaging & Pallet Confederation, the wood used to make pallets has become significantly more expensive in recent years, and pallet manufacturers will be passing on these price increases to its customers. By doing away with pallets – especially for sea container shipments – major cost savings can be made.

Mobot v. Pallets
  • 12-15% more freight in shipping containers
  • Up to 60% reduction in loading/unloading time
  • Saving on shipping weight
  • No pallet exchange
  • Cost-effective and significant reductions in material-handling costs
While the Mobot is specifically designed to lift bread and milk, it is ideally suited for stuffing and de-stuffing shipping containers.

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